One Man Model Founder and Facility

About me (Not 'about us')
I'm a mechanical engineer. I'm good at designing scale models. I've producing several scale model kits. In the future, I will release several programmed machine or robot.
My doctrine:Machavelliasm, I do not annoy others and I do not help others.
I love these.
Machine, Robot, AI, Computer,
Wide hard long scale model,
Contract & business based relationships etc

I hate these.
ALL of my family(Really annoying parents and an little sister) and relatives,
ALL of emotional relationship (Love, Bonds of friendship, Spiritual exchange),
99.5% of alumnus of my school, colleagues of former work places, domestic residents,
animal, annoying people, criminals, idler

3D systems Alibre Design website
Alibre Design is a reasonable 3D CAD.
3D printers
ATOM2.0, ATOM2.5EX Taiwan
Zortrax M300 Poland
Prusa i3 MK3S+ Czetch Republic
Elegoo Mars3 China
Cutting Plotter
Graphtec Silhouette Cameo 3